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Saturday, March 20, 2021

What is MX Takatak? How to Create Short Videos on Takatak

What is MX Takatak? How to Create Short Videos on Takatak

A few months back, the Government of India banned 59 applications, as all of them developed or distributed by Chinese companies. The government had raised a few cybersecurity concerns linked with these applications. Amongst the 59 applications, the globally loved TikTok app was also part of the list. TikTok is an application that allows its users to create 15-second short videos soundtracked with music clips. As per researchers, before its ban in India, almost 31% of TikTok users were Indians. Many TikTok users had made a career for themselves through the app, most of who were from rural areas. Now, after the ban on TikTok, MX Player has launched an application, Takatak, that offers its users a chance to make fun videos and share them on social media.

What is the Takatak app?

To fill in the huge gap left post TikTok’s ban in India, MX Player released its Takatak app that aims at being the homegrown Indian version of TikTok. The Takatak app helps its users create short videos for entertainment and allows them to share it on various social media platforms. The app is said to have all the features that TikTok offered its users, including being available in over ten languages.

Takatak makes it easy for the users to create fun videos, and also discover and watch entertaining videos made by other users. The app currently has over a billion views daily and more than 10 million daily active users. Takatak gives its users a chance to expand their follower base and re-create themselves after losing out on TikTok’s ban.


What features does the Takatak app offer its users?

MX Takatak offers a wide range of features to its users, all of which help in creating attractive and entertaining short and sharable videos. Here are some of its features:

  • Discover trending videos

    : The app allows you to discover and watch daily trending videos in just a swipe. You can also find famous Bollywood influencers on the app and follow them to stay updated on the content they post.
  • Save a video

    : If you have shot a video, but want to post it at a later time, you can save the video in the ‘draft’ folder available on the Takatak app.
  • Video editor

    : The in-built video editor in the app allows the users to edit the video as per their liking and make it as trendy as possible to make their videos stand out.
  • Beauty cam and other filters

    : The app comes with a beauty cam, filters and effects. Most of these effects can be applied before or after shooting the videos. However, some of them can only be used before the user begins shooting.
  • Music library

    : Takatak has a huge music library that is not limited to songs. It also has a big collection of famous dialogues in over 10 Indian regional languages.


How to create short videos on Takatak?

The user interface (UI) of the Takatak app is very similar to TikTok and other short video apps in the market. To elaborate for those who have not used these apps before, here’s a step by step description on how to create a short video on Takatak.  

  • The first page upon opening the app is the ‘trending videos’ page. You can click on the menu option on the left upper hand corner. The menu will have three options, “Whatsapp status saver”, “Downloads”, and “Content languages”.
  • Click on content languages to opt for your default language, both for viewing content and creating content.
  • Once your chosen language is selected, you will be taken back to the trending page, where the content playing will be in your chosen language. Click on the “plus” sign on the bottom middle of the page to create your short video. The plus sign also provides other options such as “Shoot”, “Edit video” and “Edit photo”.
  • Click on the “Shoot” option, and your phone camera will open. You can choose if you want to shoot using a back or front camera. The app provides various speeds of shooting the video ranging from slower to faster.
  • On the right-hand corner, you will see options of “Music”, “Aspect ratio”, “Beauty” and “Mix”. You can choose your background music from the music option. The aspect ratio allows you to choose your frame size. The beauty option is for filters that help enhance the video’s look. The mix option provides the ability to change the audio of the short video, by controlling the volume, changing the voice and adding reverb.
  • You can opt to switch on the flashlight of your phone while shooting the video.
  • Having chosen all your settings, you can click on the recording button to start recording, and similarly, the same button will help stop the recording.
  • Once the recording is complete, you can add a few filters or effects on the video while editing it. You can also add stickers to the finished video.
  • When the video is edited, click on the “complete” button on the top right, and it shall take you to the next page to post the finished video.
  • Finally, you have to add a description of the video and proceed with posting the final clip.



TikTok was a force to be reckoned with when it came to creating small, shareable videos. It helped many of its users to reach the status of an influencer. Since its launch, MX Takatak has proved itself to be a good substitute for TikTok and its “Made in India” status further boosts its performance. While it may take some time for Takatak to reach the same level of popularity as TikTok, it has been getting good reviews on Google Play Store and iOS app store.

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